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Figurative Ceramic Sculptures
Commission Work
Figurative Ceramic Sculpture Commissioned Work by Pamela Day
Pamela Day can be commissioned to do a stylized-realistic clay portrait. Contact Pamela Day Retirement Sculpture To the right you see a piece she was commissioned by a company to do a figurative clay sculpture for a retirement gift. This collage shows the different views of the gentleman.  Pamela was asked to show him as the friendly man he is and to include his hands in the sculpture as he was well-known for greeting groups with big open arms,  that he was to wear a red tie and a blue suit. Terra cotta clay, oxide-stained, glaze and colored pencil. 15" height x 20" width x 12" depth
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Birthday Sculpture Terra cotta clay, oxide stain, colored pencil. From the collection of Elizabeth Anderson This commissioned work was created for Pamela’s god-daughter, Elizabeth, in celebration of her birthday, with a fun, quirky smile.  Notice the little lizard next the ice cream cone inspired hat.  This head can sit or hang on the wall.  You, too, can commission such a piece.
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Commissioned Work